Wednesday, July 29, 2009

not again

today i got fever for the second time.first one was one week before my campus is being closed.
i never expect i would get this for the 2nd time maybe i got it from kakak n iza.
tomorrow i have to go to GH for blood test..i am afraid of it...when i told the doctor i am from sri iskandar campus,the doctor seemed to worry n he told my mom i am the reason all my family got the could you! suke ati je ckp ak yg bwk penyakit tu..
at the time i returned from Perak my conditon is good so you cannot blame ok!
hopefully tomorrow will just a blood test and i don't want something bad to my family..the most important thing i dont want to be admitted...huwaaaaaa!!!!
pray for me k

Sunday, July 26, 2009


hi buddy! this will be my first i am new here.
welcoming your comments ,critics , and opinion...happy to have my own blog since i have been thinking to write this before for a couple of times , although i might busy to update my blog . this is not just about my personal life only but motivation,news,thoughts,knowledge and many more!


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