Tuesday, April 6, 2010

i hate this part..

owh please don't get me wrong,the title is not pussycat dolls song okay! i don't know why i am gloomy today..everything went wrong today, i woke up early kononnya nak study but all of sudden i felt like want to cry..

i am totaly worried and scared of this semester..i felt like time running so fast and i still cannot cope with everything around me..
the same feeling i experienced in part 1..i felt so lonely..i miss my kakak..maybe kakak will laughing like hell when read this but it's true ok!

it's really hard to find true friends like you!all i had is like to pretend infront of me..maybe that sound cruel i said this but that is reality..

whatever it is,aku rasa tenang la sikit bila dah confess something kat one of my friend ni..even i know its better for me to talk bout this earlier with you before it's become worst.what i learnt from this is kalau kita rasa tak puas hati dengan kawan kita terus la cakap dengan dia..jangan simpan or pendam lama2 sgt..sangat la tak baik bila kita tak layan kawan kita sebab tak puas hati sedangkan kita tak cakap pun dengan dia apa masalah kita dengan dia..sedih tau kalau macam ni..:(

After all of this thing,i decide i want to be a person with positive mind and become a better person..i am strong k!xpayah nak sedih2 lagi..

one more thing is,hlovate novel 'versus' really2 touch my heart as a muslim..makes me wonder i am a muslim but does it mean i am a better person?? what is 'baik' in islam?? just want to share with you what i have read..if you perform prayer but does not wear tudung you are not good enough yet, the same thing goes if you wear a tudung but does not perform prayer then you are not baik lagi..

the thing is you are 'baik' when you are totally get in Islam.it means that you do all the requirement in Islam then you can call you 'baik'..i am not baik yet coz i just did the 'asas' only but i try to change and improve on it..

when i say this,please and please don't get me wrong and said "macam la kau tu baik sangat"..
i just want to share with all of you and ia adalah tanggungjawb sesama Islam..

i really2 love this which from hlovate to :
perfection is impossible, tapi the effort to be a better muslimah tu yang matters.-


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