Saturday, July 31, 2010

Shinee Comeback!!

Today its my first time writing a blog.As Nadira mention before,we agreed to share this blog together.Yela,sharing is caring.Twins always share something together.That's we have been practise for 20 years. I'm interested to write about SHINEE COMEBACK!!

Yeah!! after waiting for awhile,they had a comeback stage last week! Like always,their performance memang melatops la kan..:)) In this group,i really loves Minho and Key.(gila tamak,amik sorang je sudaa..hehe)...Their new song 'Lucifer' IS AWESOME..I can see the difference SHInee.They had become matured.

I have few comment about their new style:

Jonghyun: I dont really like his new hair.Its look weird.Pleaselah,the hairstylist do something.Somebody said its look like porcupine! I'm just agree with his style,i think hotter than before..

Onew: The leader really growing up! i like his eyes and his new hair.

Key: He really a hair trendsetter.Its suit you!

Minho: No more innocent in your faces.

Taemin: Maknae in SHinee.I admire your hair.So beautiful.(kalah rambut perempuan,sangat jelaous ye disitu!)

Shinee is really shining.Really proud of them.I dont care,if people said like "apela minat korea,apa ada dengan korea??". Its ok.Tak kisah pun.Before this,i always said the samething to my friend.One day,she drag me to her Korea world,and from that i'm become addicted..hehe.. that's all from me..Nadya..

Thursday, July 29, 2010

i'm back

after having a discussion with kakak. i'm decided to start blogging again..mula I dah delete blog ni,ingatkan takde benda nak cerita kat sini.then kakak suggest blogging blk and the best part is kitaorg nak kongsi blog ni sama2..dah kata twins so share la.kalau buat asing2 takut cerita sama lak..I pun xsure boleh update blog selalu or tak coz kalau dah ada kat perak ni faham2 je la,bukannya boleh online hari2 pun..but i will try my best to update this blog not everyday at least once a week..

so for me and kakak..happy blogging again:)


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