Saturday, September 5, 2009


yes..that the reason why i am not update my blog. i am toooooo busy dis semester with assignment , test and many more. luckily KIK finally done at 15 and 16 june if not i have to attend the meeting on sunday almost every week! plus the internet connection here are soooo slowwww eventhough i am using broadband and yes of course i less patient with this situation.. so i am going to list out what i have done in August 09.
  1. konvesyen KIK ( xmenang pn but enjoy that moments )
  2. Revaluation Day ( family day accountacy )
  3. test 1 far
  4. test 1 law


  1. test management
  2. test costing
  3. raya (hehee)


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