Friday, February 19, 2010

i got this! n kakak went to fifi house to have a chat n also wanted to give her belated birthday present..we apologize coz forgot your birthday :(..n all of sudden she said "nah amik la ni tp ade satu je"..i a lil bit surprise of it n when i open it,both of us were screaming coz didn't expected it was SS501 poster..she one of the member of SS501 club but she not their fan n she never knew bout it until her aunty told her..

her aunty is the one who responsible to register her to become their members even she don't like it..lucky us coz she know we are 'kipas-susah-mati" of SS501 so she gave to sis seems very envy towards us..heheee..nasib la dpt member gila minat korea,untung wei!;)

thank you fifi or fariza jung!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

new book**

yeay i just bought a new book me a book lover!seriously i can't live without reading a book..if i went to a bookstore i will buy at least one book or magazine,i can't just look around without buy this is the book"Being Malaysian"..the description as follow..

"In this collection of stories, 30 young Malaysian writers ponder what being Malaysian means to them in everyday and festive contexts. Here you find rich imagery and voices, from Manglish dialogues, kopitiams and mamaks to Merdeka celebrations and cultural costumes. In every character, you will observe how Malaysians are rooted in filial piety, academic ambitions, religious and racial tolerance, and a little bit of conspicuous consumption.

Being Malaysian allows the old and young young to reflect on what it means to be a citizen of a nation that is undergoing its most exciting and challenging times.
"(source from mphonline)

i also want this book

and this..

Monday, February 15, 2010

thank you!

thanks to angah coz bought us Gossip Girl season 1 & 2..u know how much i love this..i'm looking forward to watching this's only worth rm60 after less :) hehee..i am lazy to watch this at 8tv and internet so beli je la dvd..maybe others will said "i copy/burn je"..wuteva k!
once again angah,tq..


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