Thursday, January 14, 2010

part 4

what is part 4?actually starting january i'm in semester 4 of DIA student..almost 2 years i study at fast! i thought i still in part 1!..i have another 2 semester to complete my sem just started no assignment in 1st week.everything going smooth and the subject gonna be tough escpecially in FAR250..but i just think positively not to worry so much..just study and study.congrats to my frenz who swap to degree program you guys are amazing.i don't have confident yet to swap to degree like you all so i just go with the flow..finish up diploma first then further degree thats it.i so happy with my schedule this sem coz i have no class in friday and it give me a chance to go back to KL early which is on thursday or friday roomate don't be jealous and please don't miss me heheee..owh not to forget i just read book "men are from mars women are from venus" by john gray..this book suitable for those who are in a taught us how to understand our partner and opposite first i read this book i really2 not into it coz i not in a relationship but after a several chapter i start to love this book..i am looking forward to read another series like "why mars and venus collide", "mars and venus in love" which is i left it at home..but it's ok, luckily i bring twilight saga book is breaking dawn (if i still have a time to read it)..hope 2010 will bring much more luck to me,family and frenz..i want to have a good relationship with my buddy..a good daughter of my parents..success in more patient..insya-Allah..:)


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