Tuesday, January 31, 2012

So Random 13


So Random 12

Obviously we need friendssss. yeah, many friends. try to appreciate each other.takkan nak musnahkan frienship yang dah terbina bertahun sebab benda yang kecik atau yang dah lama terpendam. For this time being, go to your own cave, think about yourself, friend and family. Fikirkan apa perkara yang buat dorang happy and also if we ever hurt them.think deeply.

i'm sorry if i ever hurt you secara sedar atau tidak. we must appreciate our friends. they always by our side. do thanks them for their support. i just hope everything we'll be okay like before. Seriously, i dont want frenemy. janganlah post kat fb, update status yg bukan2. try to face to face and solve in a good ways.

p/s: miss and love my friend.in case you dont know that..:P

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

So Random 11

Experience is the best teacher. Yes, i'm truly agree. Why? beacuse learn from that. Like Barney said" so,so,so i'm made my mistake. I learn from my mistake". Barney you're so kind.Seriously.hehe..siapa tak tengok barney boleh terjun bangunan sekarang! peace.

So many things happen. People do change. From bad to good and from good to evil. For me, i think that attitude can be change and develop. In 2012, I try to forgive and also make apologize for my mistake. more grateful and appreciate thing and people around you (before this pun mmg appreciate..huhu).

I'm just to say that, sometimes we dont realize we make people offend by our word. Some of them just talk and offend wothout knowing this. You really make people sentap. I'm not talking about me. Im just want people appreciate each other and forgive.

So, when you feel mad with you know who, try to think what kindness she/he done to you. From that, at least you will feel "sejuk sikit hati aku nih".because actually people ni baik bukannlah teruk mana.haaa..see?

macam aku kata tadi, attitude can be change and develop. disetiap kepahitan mesti ada kemanisan dihujungnya. Berubahlah pada sesuatu yang baik. Percayalah, sesiapa pun akan menerima dan memaafkan orang yang berubah pada sesuatu yang baik..

*tak faham tak apa* sekadar pandangan dan renungan bersama.

back to reality

dah lama tak update.kadang-kadang rasa tak tau nak update apa. even tak tau ada ke orang view blog tak seberapa ni? tak kisahlah kan. owh,lupa nak cakap.Baru je habis final exam untuk our first semester in degree. Hope everything ok. Next sem, want to do better, more alert and so on. Untuk menulis, tengoklah dulu apa yang perlu di share. Boleh tak nak cakap kadang-kadang rasa tak free to share dekat sini? sebab yang utama, takot orang salah faham apa yang kita nak tulis.and maybe ada yang tak puas hati je if buat luahan hati kat sini. So, better tak perlu. *ini saja kot buat masa ni*


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