Friday, December 18, 2009


like everyone knows uitm result has coming out..i can see at facebook people shout is like "thanks god i got dean list this sem" and also like this "don't ask my result!sob.. sob..".whatever it is i don't get dean list this sem but i am sooo grateful coz my pointer is better than last sem..alhamdullilah..congrats to my twins,kakak, 3 sem berturut2 dean list you truly anak ayah seyh..heheee..
thanks to all my frenz who share their expertise in all subject with me..i really2 appreciate it!i don't mind i don't get DL this sem even i always wanted this all the sem coz i know God have the reason of kakak said there's are the silver lining in between..yup i'm believe in that..thanks kakak you are my everything to i'm gonna to make it up next sem..i know i can..insya Allah..

midnight post

it has been such a long time i am not updated my blog.i not busy but at this moment i stay at my granny house in Sungai Petani,Kedah due to my parents absence to i don't have a internet connection here, if i want to online i just 'buat muka xmalu' to my pak cik and use his laptop and broadband..i am happy here coz they treat me very well and before angah return to KL we went to shopping at Queensbay,dinner,gossip (hehee) and a lots more with my cousins...i miss my parents nadyra lagi seminggu je...SABAR ok!


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