Wednesday, November 4, 2009

aunty dyra,is it ok??

i will become a "mak cik" next year because my sis is one month pregnant..congrats along and hubby!i'm happy for you.actually i'm the first one who know this..i call my sis last friday and she ask me "lepas ni nak panggil ko ape??" i was blur that time and ask her again "panggil ape?" sis said "isk ko ni yelah ,mak cik ke mak su ke " and i was owhhh...faham2 sendiri lah..she blackmailed not tell anyone about this coz she want personally inform to my parents..and i'm sorry along coz i'm already told kakak hehee..i cannot kept a secret from kakak..h
now we are busy to think about our tiitle we don't want mak cik, mak ngah and so on coz it's sound so kg like my 2nd sis said..jahatnyaa klu org kg dgr mengamuk diorang nanti..heheee..

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