Wednesday, March 10, 2010

hyper busy

last week i had 2 test on costing and accounting..both subject is killing me,the question is very tricky..i managed to do it but still has a doubt on just let it go and pray for the no use to complaint and get emo with your friends ok! that happen to me,when it comes to test or final exam everyone seems very far as i see they afraid their friends can perform well than her..whatever..i ni lagi la ajar org tp anak murid dpt lebih xkisah pn..biar la rezeki org kan..

ermm another thing is i want to advice my friends and also for myself with this word "TREAT OTHER LIKE THE WAY YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE TREATED"

today also have a test which is macroeconomics and role play on just a sim
ple test not as tough as costing..on role play almost fighting with group member because of unrelevant ideas..(suke ati je..hihiii)..

next week is dinner time..i want to go early on that day coz want to help my friends makes crosage's really2 beautiful,trust me

will look like this..

yg ni kalau pakai kat tangan..macam maya karin dalam pisau cukur pulak..

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