Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Final sem

Yup,this semester will be my last semester in Diploma.I really hope that I can grad on time,insya Allah.I return on Perak on Saturday one day earlier than my friends.First, because my parents did not send me back and second my roomate already there.It's such a bad experience when it was my first time ever return to Perak with bus.

I have 3 bag to carry and trust me it's really heavy!When I call my dad I'm safely arrived,he asked me "Sakit tak badan" and I replied "Sakit gila".I know it was my fault because so "excited" packing and not realised there is so much thing I bring here.

I change my group for final semester.Actually I don't know why I have to change it.But it's okay my new group member treat me well.This semester will be a lot of presentation, it just like student will do a lecture.

Next week on Monday will be my first presentation on Management Accounting.OMG,i don't really like this topic, so do my lecturer.They tell us that they hate costing.
During that time I want to say "Ms cakap tak suka tapi lepas la jugak ACCA" tapi tak kan nak cakap macam tu kan.Tu la sape suruh amik akaun..

Okay,I need to be prepared for my next class on 2pm.Pray for me and all the best guys!

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