Tuesday, January 31, 2012

So Random 12

Obviously we need friendssss. yeah, many friends. try to appreciate each other.takkan nak musnahkan frienship yang dah terbina bertahun sebab benda yang kecik atau yang dah lama terpendam. For this time being, go to your own cave, think about yourself, friend and family. Fikirkan apa perkara yang buat dorang happy and also if we ever hurt them.think deeply.

i'm sorry if i ever hurt you secara sedar atau tidak. we must appreciate our friends. they always by our side. do thanks them for their support. i just hope everything we'll be okay like before. Seriously, i dont want frenemy. janganlah post kat fb, update status yg bukan2. try to face to face and solve in a good ways.

p/s: miss and love my friend.in case you dont know that..:P

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