Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mixed story at the midnight...

1. People are going crazy now.Seriously.Hurting people for fun?? no motif?? what the... No longer safe place in the world especially for women.What to do? It just random..Nothing much we can do.Just take precautions with high possibility to be attack..hurmm.What wrong with the world now?

2. Easy come easy go like Bruno Mars lyrics in Grenade. That's true babe! Don't know how too put in words but when the things happens to you, you will know why. People always said "things happen for reason". Just not putting too much hope for the things that we are not sure yet.

3. Frustrated again. Two things happen in this year.Maybe for you it just two things je kott BUT ITS REALLY BITES ME. Its not about love kayhh. I couldn't mention here because i know someone is stalking. I dont want to hurt any people if they reading my "luahan hati".People may misunderstanding what i tried to say. Everybody have their own view,so please respect others too.

4. Not worth at all. What a waste!

5. Trouble is a friend.. will find you no matter where you go..

6. Just share a lot of story with my friend.Luckily, she have something in common with me. I'm just surprised she noticed the things that we never bring it up before. I noticed the same thing before but I'm just ignore and never talk about this!

7. If I have a chance, I reallllly want to tell one thing that I keep almost 2 years and half to someone I called a friend. I always believe that if I tell this "things", I would feel relieved and no more "sakit hati". Last months,I had a dream about this. I tell her the things I've been "sentap" for the things happens. In this dream, I feel like "phew,finally aku dapat jugak bagitau apa yang aku rasa selama ni".After that, my relationship with her become closer because we have nothing to hide. But wake up! In reality I dont know how to tell her and I know I have think about others feelings too.Actually, I'm just feel offended with her untill now. It would be a clean slate if I have a chance to tell her everything.

This is the "berlapik entry"...haha...Tiba-tiba mahu tulis dalam English. Something goes wrong somewhere :p

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